Total Produce Packaging Solutions

Orora Fresh provides stock and custom packaging solutions which includes design, automation, operational support including vendor managed inventory (VMI) and Just in Time (JIT) delivery.


Orora Fresh offers a wide-range of custom and stock packaging products. From corrugated trays & boxes to tray liners & flexible bags, Orora Fresh has the packaging solutions you need to safely deliver your produce from the greenhouse, onto the retail shelf.

Corrugated Trays and Boxes

Our corrugated trays and boxes are made from durable material that come in a variety of sizes to best transport, save space, and safely pack your produce. Our corrugated products were made with the intent to protect your product and minimize storage costs.


Our clamshells allow your consumers to see the freshness of the produce that you work hard to grow while providing ventilation. Our ventilation design minimizes condensation and provides cooler temperatures to preserve your product. Our locking closure ensures that produce stays secure.


Our labels provide marketing opportunities for your product with high resolution graphics to showcase your brand while providing the information that your consumers need. We also ensure our labels stay secure on your produce through constant handling, various temperatures, and moisture.

Top Seal Films

Our top sealers have a high accuracy tool alignment system that provides consistently precise sealing. The sealers also contain a precise film-cutting system based on each trays' specific profile to minimize film waste. There is also a free flow gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging and high oxygen. Other features include: full color printing, micro and micro perforation, laser perforation, anti-fog or standard treatment, peel and reseal.

Tray Liners

Our tray liners are specially designed to fit each different product in order to prevent damage during transit. This will lessen product waste and ensure your product arrives on the retail or wholesale shelves just as it left the greenhouse.

Flexible Pouches & Bags

Our various types of flexible pouches and bags allow our customers to package their products with greater visual impact while yielding a lower overall cost. Our pouches and bags can be engineered to ensure superior safeguarding from moisture, oxygen, and light.